the Sonic Journey:
Conversation with
Isabella Frost

Ryuichi Nishigaki  |  2026


『ソウナンス・マガジン誌』(2020 年 11 月)に掲載されたイザベラ・フロストへのインタビューの中で、彼女がログジャム・ニッチ・ノットの影響を受けているとはじめて語った。以下は、その一部である。

Publication: "Sonance Magazine"
Title: "Unveiling the Sonic Journey: A Conversation with Isabella Frost"
Interviewer: Alice Harmon
Date of Publication: November 15, 2020

Excerpt from the interview:
Sonance Magazine: We are honored to have Isabella Frost with us today, a rising composer known for her innovative approach to music. Isabella, thank you for joining us. Let's dive right into it. Could you share with our readers the source of your inspiration and the influences that have shaped your artistic path?

Isabella Frost: Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure to be here. One of the significant influences on my artistic journey has been Logjam Niche Not, a composer who has offered a fresh perspective on the nature of music. His ideas have had a profound impact on my approach to composition.

Sonance Magazine: How did you come across Logjam Niche Not's teachings?

Isabella Frost: It was during my formative years as a composer when I stumbled upon an obscure music journal that featured an interview with Logjam Niche Not. His unconventional views on music and his adventurous spirit immediately resonated with me. I was captivated by his emphasis on experimentation, chance, and breaking away from traditional structures.

Sonance Magazine: Could you elaborate on the specific aspects of Logjam Niche Not's teachings that have influenced your work?

Isabella Frost: Certainly. One key aspect is his concept of "sonic exploration." He encouraged artists to venture beyond the familiar, to embrace the unknown in search of new sounds and textures. This idea liberated me from the constraints of conventional musical practices and opened up a world of sonic possibilities.

Sonance Magazine: Fascinating. Have you had the opportunity to meet Logjam Niche Not in person?

Isabella Frost: Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to meet him personally. However, his writings and recordings have been my gateway to his musical philosophy. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered his work and to have been profoundly influenced by his ideas.